Welcome to Space2Cre8.com, a private social networking site serving to connect youth from around the world. This customized Web 2.0 site puts new media technologies to use in a variety of educational contexts and has served in the development of multiple kinds of online communities, including an international network consisting of 8 participating countries and a local network consisting of 8 Catholic Schools in the East Bay.

More than just a technological intervention, the Space2Cre8 project has initiated the development of creative, arts-centered after-school and extra-school spaces designed to foster youth digital media production including activities such as video making, music and beat making, image editing, animation, and blogs. A crucial objective of the project has from the onset been to not only assist students in creating digital artifacts through an intensive project-based curriculum, but also in teaching strategies for safely and competently navigating new media environments, sharing media, and connecting with online peers In these ways, the Space2Cre8 project continues to work towards the development of a cohesive, integrated pedagogy around new media that fuses cutting-edge, customizable networking options along with a detailed set of learning objectives and design criterion.

Recent efforts have included a series of collaborative video-making events between geographically distant online peers, some of which featured green-screen editing technologies that enabled students to virtually interact in the physical environments of their global community. The Space2Cre8 website has also been recently piloted as an online learning environment for post-secondary courses that have utilized the site as a platform for sharing multimedia projects, extending in-class discussions, and promoting opportunities for community building online.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the Spencer Foundation, Mike Wood, the UC Links project of the University of California, and the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, for their support of this project.

Space2cre8 is an ongoing project. If you might be interested in learning more about the project or wish to inquire about setting up a Space2Cre8 network or site location, please contact John Scott, jmscott212@gmail.com for more information.

Space2Cre8 International:

This ongoing social networking project currently connects adolescents and young adults in India, Norway (Oslo, Harstad), Australia, England, South Africa, Taiwan, and the U.S. (Oakland, New York, and Philadelphia). Though each site is unique in how the network is incorporated into a new or existing educational program, the common linkage across all the sites is assisting students in the production of multimedia artifacts, and the sharing of these artifacts with global peers. Often, these kinds of practices require students to employ a range of communication tools, such as video, blogging, image sharing, messaging, and chat as mechanisms for projecting images of self and understanding others.

Consistent with our belief that effective use of new technologies requires effective pedagogical strategies for implementing them in the classroom, the Space2Cre8 project offers all teachers at participating sites opportunities to collaborate with educators and researchers from around the world. This may include the co-designing of a shared media project, discussing strategies for facilitating user participation, problem solving technology issues, and participating in online professional development workshops designed to help teachers integrate social networking and digital media technologies into their respective learning environments.

If you might be interested in learning more about Space2cre8 International or inquiring about starting a new site, please contact: jmscott212@berkeley.edu